September 17 LSC Meeting


The Local School Council of the Edison Regional Gifted Center will hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday September 17, 2008 at the school starting at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting will take place at the school.   At this Special Meeting CPS officials will make a presentation about changes to the Community Voting Boundary for our school. The discussion will lead to setting the boundary map of the Edison Gifted Regional Center for the next ten years. Come hear about the proposals and the process and ask about what effect it may have on the future of our school.  An agenda will be published before this Special Meeting.  In addition to the community voting boundary issue, we currently anticipate discussing the on-going work by the LSC's active committees as well as future plans for LSC actions.

There will be an open forum for parents to be heard on issues that concern them.  Plan to be able to ask questions and make suggestions about our school.  This will be an open meeting subject to the Open Meetings Act. 

Please plan to attend the Special Meeting on Wednesday September 17, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. at the Edison Regional Gifted Center.

Sitting services for kids will be available

LSC Meeting Agenda
Edison Regional Gifted Center Local School Council Special Meeting
Thomas A. Edison Regional Gifted Center,
4929 North Sawyer, Chicago, IL
September 17, 2008
1.    Call to Order
2.    Roll Call
3.    Approval of Agenda
4.    Announcements/Introduction of Special Guests
5.    Presentation and discussion about Community Voting Boundaries for ERGC LSC
6.    Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting
7.    Reports:
          a.    Chair of the LSC
          b.    Principal        
          c.    Communications, Public Relations and Technology Committee     (discussion and vote on committee recommendations)
          d.    Safety & Security Committee (discussion and vote on committee  recommendations)
          e.    Transportation 
          f.    PTO
8.    New Business:
    a.     Proposal for new date for October LSC meeting (discussion and vote)
9.    Open Forum
10.    Announce date of next meeting
11.    Adjourn

Downloadable PDF files below.

Edison Regional Gifted Center

Local School Council

Minutes of September 17, 2008 Meeting


The September 17, 2008 Meeting of the Edison Regional Gifted Center Local School Council was called to order at 6:31 p.m. in the gymnasium. A quorum was present.


Members in attendance: Mr. Michael Early, Mr. Matt Farmer, Mrs. Saundra Gray, Ms. Christine Kim, Ms. Kathleen Lally, Mrs. Patricia Strelecki, and Mr. Harlan Wallach.  Members missing: Mr. Marc Papadogiannis and Ms. Robin Rumsey.


The LSC Meeting Agenda presented by Mr. Early was approved. (See Agenda dated September 17, 2008.)


Mr. Early announced special guest, Dr. William Rice from CPS and Ms. Aida Montigo, LSC Liaison for Area 1 from CPS Office of LSC Relations.


Dr. Rice presented 5 potential community voting boundaries proposed by CPS. The current Edison Park boundaries were set in 1989. Once new boundaries are accepted, they cannot be changed until 2018. LSC will only be making a recommendation to CPS who makes the boundary decisions. The next step is a public hearing with testimony. Then, the final proposal is submitted to the CPS Board. (See maps of 5 options attached.) Option 1 is what boundaries would be if ERGC was a neighborhood school. Option 2 is four times larger, considered intermediate. Option 3 is approximately 1/3-1/2 of Cluster One. Option 4 includes Area 1. Option 5 includes all of Chicago north of North Avenue. The pro and con comments included:


·         Smaller area would focus on local community and outreach and for a community member to be close by.

·         Larger area would tap potential “gifted community.”

·         Larger area would incorporate our old Edison Park boundaries.

·         Larger area would include more of the 39th ward.

·         We are a regional gifted center, not a community gifted center so our boundaries should directly reflect the area in which Edison is designated to receive students from.

·         Larger boundaries would mean larger pool of potential community representatives to draw from.

·         If boundaries include Hibbard and other LSCs, parents from other schools might want to join our LSC.

·         Local business owners who do not live in community do not qualify as potential community reps.

·         Expansive boundaries means any distant neighborhood could “bus” voters and influence issues.

·         Boundaries could perhaps include other education institutes, i.e., Northeastern University (who has gifted education program).

·         LSC should reflect the students who attend and our students come from everywhere.


Mr. Rice commented that CPS does not have a preference and wants to hear LSC’s and community’s recommendations. After much discussion, Ms. Kim moved and Mr. Farmer seconded for our LSC to recommend Option 3 to CPS. Motion passed.


The minutes of the August 20, 2008 and September 9, 2008, meetings were approved.


Chairperson’s Report: Mr. Early urges respectful and open meetings always.


Principal’s Report by Mrs. Gray: Motion unanimously passed to allow Edison administration to write checks up to $2000. Amounts over $2000 still needs LSC approval. CPS approved a third security guard for our campus and administration is currently interviewing. ERGC website is up at


Communications, Public Relations & Technology Committee Report by Mr. Wallach: Congratulated ERGC, LSC and PTO all for putting up websites within 60 days.  Announced Kim Early as Communications secretary; Christine Kim as online calendar keeper; and Kathleen Lally as Curriculum Subcommittee chair.


Curriculum Subcommittee Report by Kathleen Lally: Subcommittee worked with ERGC to distribute the 10-week plans.  Subcommittee is now working with The Bulletin to highlight two classrooms per month, showing how teachers are using technology in his/her classroom and to also highlight two specific classroom curriculums. Different classrooms will be featured monthly. Ms. Lally has also contacted webmasters of certain websites which are misrepresenting ERGC and asking them to correct their content.


Public Relations Subcommittee Report by Karen Pryor, co-chair. Announced that parent volunteers will attend the CPS Gifted and Enriched Academic Programs (GEAP) Fair at Whitney Young this Saturday, September 20th, and man a ERGC table. An open house at ERGC for prospective students/families might be set in January.


Mr. Wallach motioned to “amend the SIPAAA to provide that an ERGC website will be available to the public by October 1, 2008 by adding the following language:  ‘The Edison Regional Gifted Center shall have an official school website fully functional by October 1, 2008.’” Motion not passed as moot.


Ms. Lally asked about the propriety of including money language in SIPAAA because  PTO is fundraising arm and separate entity from ERGC so fundraising issues do not belong in SIPAAA.


Safety & Security Committee Report: Alex Gallegos was not present because he is receiving an award tonight. (See Committee Report.) Mr. Early moved and Ms. Kim seconded to adopt any recommendation by the Safety & Security Committee. Motion passed.


Transportation Committee Report by Mrs. Oberhardt: ATP is our only bus carrier from now on. They are still working on rerouting so length of commute is shortened. They are trying but cannot guarantee to keep the commute under one hour. Parents need to get their children to their stops at least 10 minutes before bus is due.

PTO Report by Christine Kim: Edison is in need of new copiers. PTO decided against disseminating Directory information to LSC. PTO purchased two more SmartBoards.


New Business:  Motion to change October 8th meeting to October 15 due to Yom Kippur passed.


Open Forum: Playground will open once holes along cement floor are filled with dirt.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. at school.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                        /s/ Christine Kim, Secretary


These minutes were approved as read on 10/15/08.

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