PUBLIC MEETINGS - CPS New Enrollment Policies

The above notice is being distributed by the CPS Office of Academic Enhancement from its website, along with other important information related to the changes in policy regard selective enrollment schools.

Following the federal court's termination of the Chicago Public Schools
desegregation consent decree, Chicago Public Schools is changing its
policy for admission into selective enrollment schools including the
Edison Regional Gifted Center.  CPS is inviting public comment on its
new proposed admission policy at a series of community meetings
beginning Saturday morning November 14th.   The closest one to Edison is
scheduled to take place at Amundsen High School  5110 North Damen on
Thursday, November 19th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.   Edison parents and
members of our school community should attend these public hearings
about this important subject.

The Edison Regional Gifted Center has been very successful and the
diversity of our gifted students is an important part of our school's
history of success.  I believe that we should emphasize that CPS needs
to support diversity at our school by providing us with the vital
resources our school needs, including student transportation and
adequate funding, so that Edison can continue to attract a diverse
student body and to continue to excel as a diverse school.  We want our
school to be able to maintain our diversity, we have students who will
no longer be able to attend our school if CPS cuts busing, and we are in
real danger of losing some of our teachers if CPS cuts our non-quota
positional funding (deseg. funding).  I think it is very important for
us to communicate this message to CPS before they make decisions that
will directly impact out school. 

Mike Early
Chairman of the Local School Council
for the Edison Regional Gifted Center