October 1 Communication Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 6:30 PM


5331 W.Devon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646

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The third meeting of the Edison Gifted LSC communication, technology and public relations committee will meet on Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 6:30 PM.

This is your opportunity to help improve communications at our school.

1)    web instruction
2)    purpose of web instruction
3)    restructure web page
4)    empower LSC  committees and sub committees
5)    Saturday effort / email 
6)    other communication initiatives:
a.    Email list
b.    Edison bulletin
6) open

MEETING MINUTES | Edison Gifted LSC communication, technology and public relations committee secretary | KIM EARLY

The third meeting of the Edison Gifted LSC Communication, Technology and Public Relations committee met on Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 6:30 p.m. at the Edgebrook Library, 5331 W. Devon Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646.

Committee Members present:
Harlan Wallach, Mike Early, Kim Early, Shari Hosp, Christine Kim, Kathleen Lally, Glenn Krell

Mr. Wallach demonstrated how to add content to the website, explained that as administrator he gets email notifications of changes to the website, and showed how previous drafts are saved and can be retrieved (so no one has to worry about breaking the website).  It was noted that the LSC website is a wiki, a collaborative site, which can be edited by any authorized person.  The official school website is a different type.  Mr. Wallach is willing to help with the official school website by appointment or by walking someone through with instant messaging.

The purpose of demonstrating how to add content to the website is so that the entire Committee can work on it, not just Mr. Wallach.  Also, it will be easier for the website to be continued in the future after current LSC and committee members have moved on.

The Committee discussed a member’s questions about restructuring the web page.  Currently a template has been created for each event, which includes an announcement, description, agenda, minutes and motion form, all combined in one page for each event.  However, in the future this could be broken down so that parts of this, such as minutes or agendas, are separate and could be searched.

Saturday Oct. 4 there will be an Albany Park flood relief effort organized by Alderman Laurino’s office.  Many Edison families may want to make donations or help out in some way, and this is a good way for Edison families to become involved in the school’s new community.  Therefore, we agreed that the committee should act on this by sending notice of it (in conjunction with the Liaison Committee) and report on it in the next LSC meeting.  Notice of this event will be posted on the LSC webpage and should be posted on the PTO site, sent out in an email, and sent in the Friday folder.

The committee discussed increasing the role of the PR subcommittee.  Goals include putting the school out in front of the community in a positive light.  This can be done by covering Edison events and accomplishments, posting this coverage on the website and providing press releases to appropriate media and, when appropriate, Alderman Laurino.  The LSC website contains photos of the Edison open house, including photos of Alderman Laurino speaking.  This could be used in press release that would be sent to Alderman Laurino.  The website contains some photos and captions of Edison’s booth at the Gifted and Enriched Academic Programs Elementary School Fair (which was set up by the PR subcommittee).  Participation by Edison parents and students in the Albany Park flood relief program Oct. 4 could be documented.  A suggestion was made that these be shown at the next LSC meeting as part of the Communications Committee report (and it was noted that this will also give more publicity for the website itself).  Any PR pages made for the LSC website could easily be transferred to the official school website.

The committee unanimously agreed that the LSC needs a one-way, all-campus, filtered email list.  The committee will work on developing this communication tool.  Mr. Wallach said that Michael Stowe has previously agreed to help create this.

The committee agreed that the Bulletin should be posted on one of the websites, ideally the official school site.

The committee discussed the problem of the official school website showing up in Google searches as a “Private School” (because of the template used to set the site up). 

We discussed using the list of questions parents asked at the GEAP Elementary school fair to create a FAQ section for the official school website.  We discussed adding a list of extracurricular activities available at the school, academic competition awards for Edison students and teams, and lists of competitions in which the school competes.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.