Message about Pre Registration

Dear Edison  Families:

    It is that time of year again when we  begin to prepare for the upcoming school year. Please join us at the  pre-registration dates where you can pay school fees, fill out emergency  forms, complete reduced or free lunch application forms (remember for each  child who qualifies for these programs we are entitled to additional monies  for the school so even if you think you don't qualify or you do qualify but  don't want to take advantage of the program just filling out the application  can help), purchase gym clothes (we will have some spectacular deals this  year) and of course you can join the PTO by filling out your membership  application and paying the membership dues which are $10 for families and  $25 for corporate members. If you have a business and would like a corporate  membership please remember to bring a business card to include with your  membership application and it will be published in the Edison  directory.
    Please remember to bring your:  checkbook because we need separate checks for the school fees, the PTO  membership dues and the gym clothes, all emergency contact information,  business card for inclusion in the directory if a corporate membership is  desired, your child's size for gym clothes and your enthusiasm for a  wonderful new year!
     If you can't join us  for the pre-registration dates you can pick up a registration packet after  the 12th at the school (just call ahead to be sure someone is in the office  to assist you). The registration packets not only have the necessary forms  to fill out but also many informational sheets as well as the school  calendar. 
We look forward to  seeing you on:
Tuesday August 12 from 9am to 12pm
Thursday August 21 from 4pm to 7pm. 

Sara  Mitchell-Guerra
PTO President, Edison Regional Gifted Center
(773)  338-7357