Message to Edison Gifted Cummunity from Communications, Technology and Public Relations

July 17 2008

Last Wednesday was our first Edison Gifted LSC meeting for the newly
elected board.

At that meeting I volunteered to chair the Communication, Technology
and Public Relations committee, and was elected into that position by
the LSC board.
I want to once again thank both the Edison Parents for voting me on to
the LSC and the LSC for electing me into this committee chair.

In the past week a domain has been secured for the distribution of
information electronically via the internet.
The domain is

The beginnings of a prototype web site have been started at this location:

This web site is live and open to the open public.

Notice that there are only 3 (three !) pages on the site.
Page one is an introduction from LSC Chair Mike Early.

Page two is an online calendar for LSC events. It currently has one
event listed:
The next meeting of the Edison Gifted LSC on August 20.

Page three is announcing the Communication, Technology and Public
Relations committee.

The intent of the site is to facilitate communication from the LSC
and to work in tandem with other electronic and traditional forms of
I expect this site to work with the future Official Edison Gifted
School Web site as desired by the administrators of that site, as well
as any future electronic entities put forth by the Edison Gifted PTO
and other organizations and communities within our community.

The development of this web site is dependent on the participation of
the Edison Gifted Parent community and to that end I would like to
solicit volunteers to serve on this committee. I will ask any and all
parents interested in any aspect of the charges of this committee to
consider volunteering. All are welcome.

I am going to organize a meeting of the Communication, Technology and
Public Relations committee for the first week of August, 2008.
Hopefully I can arrange to meet at Edison Gifted, if not, a substitute
location will be found.

Thank you