Sixth Grade Ten Week Plan

Edison Regional Gifted Center
Long Term Goals
Target Expectations within the Instructional Program    School Year 2008-2009
Concepts, Topics, Projects by Content Area                                 Sixth Grade

Report Card Period  First Quarter

Language Arts, Reading/Literature
Students will:
•    Identify and analyze stages of plot, including exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
•    Identify and analyze types of conflicts.
•    Analyze suspense.
•    Identify and analyze foreshadowing and flashback.
•    Identify and analyze sequence and cause-effect relationships.
•    Identify and analyze point of view, including first-person, third person limited, and third-person omniscient.
•    Identify and analyze character traits and motives.
•    Identify and analyze methods of characterization.
•    Identify, analyze, and evaluate sound devices.
•    Make inferences and draw conclusions.
•    Identify scope of ideas and information in different texts.
•    Evaluate usefulness of information from different sources.

Communication Skills
Writing, Listening, Speaking
Students will:
•    Students will identify the 4 types of essays and characteristics of each.
•    Students will apply the following stages in the writing process: prewriting, writing, revising, editing, and publishing.
•    Students will be introduced to the 6 traits of writing: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.
•    Students will demonstrate an effective lead and conclusion in their essays.
•    Students will apply transition words effectively.
•    Students will apply interesting adjectives and strong verbs in their writing.
•    Students will analyze the quotes and proverbs on a daily basis.
•    Student will investigate and explore subject of choice to present a "Create-A-Homework" assignment.

Course 2
Students will:
•    Use the properties of addition and multiplication as well as the order of operations to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals and integers.
•    Solve algebraic equations and inequalities.
•    Use the order of operations to simplify expressions with exponents.
•    Simplify, compare, and order fractions and decimals.

Students will:
    * Concerning Volume and Mass
o    calculate the volume of solids, liquids and gases
o    investigate and discover the shortcomings of volume as a measure of matter
o    determine the mass of solids, liquids and gases
o    investigate and discover the shortcomings of mass as a measure of matter
    * Concerning Mass Changes in Closed Systems
o    refine skills using a balance
o    perform and understand open and closed experiments
o    conduct experiments, gather and analyze data leading to the Law of Conservation of Mass
o    identify and explain differences between laws of nature and laws of man

Social Studies
Students will:
•    Examine the five themes of geography
•    Review latitude and longitude as well as types of maps
•    Explore map projections
•    Examine Earth-Sun relationships and its seasonal affects, weather, climate
•    Explore factors affecting climate and synthesize information
•    Students will identify physical features on world maps
•    Examine the causes for the decline of the Roman Empire and the rise of barbarian states
•    Explore the conditions of western Europe in the Dark Ages

Students will:
In modern languages, the ultimate goal is to attain the ability and confidence necessary to interact with fluency in oral and written contexts with native speakers.  (Illinois Sate Goal 28).  Knowledge of a foreign language relies on communication, culture, and context.  The term context here applies to the situations in which students will use the target language.  (Illinois State Goal 30).  The first ten weeks of school will emphasize verbal production over written exercises.  Assessments will be multi-faceted:  oral presentation of a skit (customs at the airport); oral presentation of a team project; oral and written expressions de classe, and written tests on verbs être, avoir, and aller; plan a trip from one French city to another analyzing travel times/length/cost of air vs. auto vs. rail and a power point presentation of 7 day forecast in France or other French speaking country.  Active class participation is part of the grading.  In doing so, the following State Goals will be addressed:

28.A.3a  Comprehend main messages of simple oral and audio presentations with
               assistance from resources (e.g., glossaries, guided questions, outlines).
28.A.5    Comprehend a variety of oral and audio presentations in academic, technical,
               social or work environments.
29.D.5    Analyze different perspectives of historical events using a variety of media and
               technology tools.
30.A.1c   Use target language vocabulary to identify simple science terms referring to
                weather and nature (e.g., clouds, winds, trees and common animals).
30.A.4b  Use the target language to analyze and solve math problems based on
                Timetables, schedules, charts and graphs in the target language.

•    Study/revision of the verbs être, avoir, aller concluding with a written assessment.
•    Performance of a series of 17 skits to also include 6 power point presentations with the goal on allowing the students to express their interests in French and explore societal and economical dilemmas of our “global village”.
•    A system of homework with cassettes and involving taping at home with the ultimate goal of students doing the homework on the net including recording their voices in French for the teacher to check.
•    Team project: oral presentation of the differences and/or similarities of the French election process vs. American.
•    Internet research to plan a trip from one part of France to another.  Students will be gathering data on times/length of travel/cost for the two travel destinations either by using air, automobile or rail as the means of transportation.
•    PowerPoint presentation of a 7 day forecast for a city or region in France of a French speaking country with an explanation of the weather done in French.

Fine Arts
Students will:
•    Study the arts of Ancient Rome and the Byzantine era and create a cut paper mosaic and a clay mosaic
•    Participate in advanced drama and Improv activities
•    Explore ancient theater and music

Learning Resource Center
Computer/Library Skills
Students will:
•    discuss how html (internet publishing language) works to format text and graphics
•    practice using basic html (internet publishing language) tags and view the resulting pages with a World Wide Web browser.
•    write a book review on a book that they have read, using basic html (internet publishing language) tags for World Wide Web availability.

Physical Education
Students will:
•    Demonstrate basic motor skill in a variety of team spots.
•    Demonstrate effective movement patterns in a variety of movement forms and perform selected sport skills using correct form
•    Adhere to safety procedures during activity.
•    Use vocabulary specific to activities, games, or sport.
•    President Fitness Test 
•    Push ups, sit ups
State Goal 19 Acquire movement skills and understand concept needed to engage in health –enhancing physical activities

State Goal 20 Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical based upon continual self-assessment.

Students will:
•    Describe the different parts and functions of body systems.
•    Analyze the relationships among body systems.
•    Identify healthful behaviors Describe major events in human development, from fertilization to birth.
•    Explain how growth occurs.
•    Describe how traits are inherited.
•    Describe changes in male and female anatomy and physiology during puberty.
•    To care for body systems.
State Goal 23 Understand human body systems and factors that influence growth and development.

Special Assignments/ Reports/ Research Projects:

    * CS: Create-A-Homework

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