Seventh Page Ten Week Plan

Edison Regional Gifted Center
Long Term Goals

Target Expectations within the Instructional Program    School Year 2008-2009
Concepts, Topics, Projects by Content Area                             Seventh Grade

Report Card Period  First Quarter

Language Arts, Reading/Literature
Students will:
•    explore the theme of coping with adversaries
•    identify the protagonist and antagonist within the stories plot
•    respond to a characters internal conflict
•    identify literary elements
•    identify the structure and classification of a plot and its development
•    visualize and analyze the use of setting to create atmosphere and mood
•    explore the theme of revenge
•    recognize the use of verbal and situational irony
•    recognize point of view and its effect on the plot
•    understand the concept of major and minor characters
•    respond to a characters decision
•    recognize that literary selections reflect social context
•    recognize and understand allusion

Communication Skills
Writing, Listening, Speaking
Students will:
•    learn the requirements for writing descriptive and narrative essays
•    write descriptive essays focusing on precise language, action verbs, sensory details, and colorful modifiers
•    increase vocabulary and the use of context clues, Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes
•    identify the complete subject and predicate
•    identify the simple subject, verb(s), and verb phrases

Algebra 1 (Part I)
Students will:
•    simplify expressions and equations using number properties.
•    review use of exponents
•    use logical arguments and justify steps in solving equations
•    use rational numbers and their operations, including absolute value, opposites and simplifying

Algebra 1 (Part II)
Students will:
•    Review concepts and skills covered in Algebra (Part I), which include an introduction to algebra, integers, rational numbers, equations, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, and factoring.
•    Graph linear equations in two variables.
•    Write the equation of a line.
•    Find the equation of a line that models given data.
•    Prove theorems related to scope.

Students will:
•    utilize SI units in experiments and problem sets
•    formulate science fair project topic and begin research
•    constantly use scientific method and processes
•    use the periodic table
•    identify abiotic and biotic factors
•    safely complete labs
•    identify terrestrial and aquatic environments
State Goal 11

Social Studies
Students will:
•    Examine Economics on a personal, local, and global level
•    Understand the concepts of supply and demand
•    understand and differentiate between various economic systems
•    Examine the difference between economic philosophies
•    Explore the stock market via creating a portfolio based on business activity and national or global events
•    Understand the importance of saving money and compound interest and savings options

Students will:

Fine Arts
Students will:
•    Study the arts of the Renaissance including art, music, theater and dance
•    Develop their drawing skills through a number of drawing lessons in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci
•    Participate in a Readers Theater performance of a play by Shakespeare
•    Take part in movement/dance activities for theater
•    Study the music of the late Renaissance and the develoment of Classical music

Learning Resource Center
Computer/Library Skills
Students will:
•    Write a bibliographic citation for a single-author, non-fiction book using APA style
•    Write a bibliographic citation for a single-author magazine or journal article using APA style
•    Write a bibliographic citation for an on-line source using APA style
•    Write a paragraph explaining why proper credit must be given for research sources

Physical Education
Students will:

Students will:

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