Fifth Grade Ten Week Plan

Edison Regional Gifted Center
Long Term Goals
Target Expectations within the Instructional Program    School Year 2008-2009
Concepts, Topics, Projects by Content Area                                 Fifth Grade

Report Card Period  First Quarter

Language Arts, Reading/Literature
Students will:
•    Apply the shared inquiry method and good discussion techniques to stories read. Understand and appreciate a short story, personal essay, and biography.
•    Understand the role of setting, conflict, character traits, motives, and point of view.
•    Identify and analyze theme, setting, and authors’ purpose.
•    Apply the skills of cause and effect, inferences, and predicting outcomes.
•    Read a novel and write a book report.
•    Develop an understanding of basic elements in a novel through the reading of: The Secret Garden and completing given assignments.

Communication Skills
Writing, Listening, Speaking
Students will:
•    Expand their vocabulary base and practice spelling with given words, which revolve around a common theme, such as, silent consonants, homophones, number prefixes, and Greek work bases.
•    Learn the elements of narrative and descriptive writing and apply them to written essays.
•    Maintain a notebook for note-taking and rough drafts of work.
•    Demonstrate correct grammar, focus, organization, and coherence in paragraph and essay writing.
•    Develop critical listening and speaking through dictation exercises and class presentations.
•    Demonstrate correct spelling in all written work.
•    Give an oral book report.
•    Review basic elements of parts of speech, ex: nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives.
•    Complete activities, which allow them to identify types of sentences, subjects and predicates.
•    Study types of nouns.

Students will:

•    compare and order whole numbers and decimals.
•    round and estimate decimals.
•    add, subtract, multiply, and divide both whole numbers and decimals.
•    use order of operations to solve problems.
•    determine the perimeter of polygons and circumference of circles.
•    determine area of polygons and circles.
•    identify, select, and use appropriate strategies to solve word problems

Students will:
•    identify the characteristics and needs of living things and their interactions
•    determine and prove whether an unknown substance is living or non-living
•    state the major ideas of cell theory and it's implications
•    use and identify the parts and proper procedures of a microscope
•    diagram and/or construct an animal cell and specify the functions of the organelles
•    begin a science fair project and accompanying science research paper

Social Studies
Students will:
•    Examine the meaning and scope of social studies
•    Explore basic geographic skills: Latitude and longitude, reading maps, physical and water features, etc
•    Identify primary and secondary sources
•    Explore prehistoric man, the stages of development, and characteristics of each
•    Understand the progression of prehistoric communities to the first civilizations
•    Understand the importance of animal and plant domestication
•    Recognize the four cradles of civilization with primary focus of Mesopotamia
•    Study early forms writing, arts, trade, and laws

Students will:
In modern languages, the ultimate goal is to attain the ability and confidence necessary to interact with fluency in oral and written contexts with native speakers.  (Illinois Sate Goal 28).  Knowledge of a foreign language relies on communication, culture, and context.  The term context here applies to the situations in which students will use the target language.  (Illinois State Goal 30).  The first ten weeks of school will emphasize verbal production over written exercises.  Assessments will be multi-faceted:  oral presentation of a skit (customs at the airport); production of artifacts (traveling suitcase); oral and written expressions de classe, and written tests on verbs être, avoir, and aller.  Active class participation is part of the grading.  In doing so, the following State Goals will be addressed:

28.A.1a  Recognize basic language patterns (e.g., forms of address, questions, case).
28.A.1b  Respond appropriately to simple commands in the target language.
28.B.1a   Respond to and ask simple questions with prompts.
28.B.1b  Imitate pronunciation, intonation and inflection including sounds unique to the
 target language.
28.B.4b  Express differences of meaning and using proper pronunciation, intonation, and inflection.
28.B.4c   Recognize and use nonverbal cues in various formal and informal settings
29.A.1    Use common forms of courtesy, greetings and leave takings appropriate to the
               time of day and relationship (adult, peer, and parent).

•    Study/revision of the verbs être, avoir, aller concluding with a written assessment.
•    Performance of a series of 17 skits to also include 6 power point presentations with the goal on allowing the students to express their interests in French and explore societal and economical dilemmas of our “global village”.
•    A system of homework with cassettes and involving taping at home with the ultimate goal of students doing the homework on the net including recording their voices in French for the teacher to check.

Students will:
•    Study the cave art found in France and Spain and create a cave art style art project
•    Begin to study the arts of Ancient Egypt and create art projects that reflect the Egyptian arts including creating a personal cartouche
•    Study the history of filmmaking, filmmaking techniques and genres, and attend screenings at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival
•    Continue to study Classical Music
•    Participate in drama and Improv activities

Learning Resource Center
Computer/Library Skills
Students will:
•    Review library organization and Dewey Decimal system
•    Review online safety and Internet site evaluation criteria
•    Begin Folk & Fairy Tale comparison project

Physical Education
Students will:
•    Know and performs combinations of locomotor skills
•    Demonstrate manipulative skills using a variety of changes in effort, flow, space, time, weight transfer, balance,  and application of force.
•    Develops movement skills that demonstrate mechanically correct form (throwing and catching)
•    Demonstrate skill in hand eye manipulative activities with objects of  various sizes partners and groups
•    Adhere to safety procedure during activity President Fitness Test 
•    Push ups, sit ups
State Goal 19 Acquire movement skills and understand concept needed to engage in health –enhancing physical activities

State Goal 20 Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical based upon continual self-assessment.

Students will:
•    Identify the basic structure of the human body.
•    Explain the functions of the body transport organs and systems.
•    Recognize how personal habits affect the health of body systems.
•    Identify the three body systems that coordinate body movements.
•    Identify major hormones of the endocrine system.

State Goal 23 Understand human body systems and factors that influence growth and development.

Special Assignments/ Reports/ Research Projects

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