Eighth Grade Ten Week Plan

Edison Regional Gifted Center
Long Term Goals
Target Expectations within the Instructional Program    School Year 2008-2009
Concepts, Topics, Projects by Content Area                         Eighth Grade
Report Card Period  First Quarter

Language Arts, Reading/Literature
Students will:
•    Discuss the novel, types of novels and Utopian Literature
•    Read A Brave New World as a class and discuss
•    Individually, students will read one of the following:
o    Animal Farm
o    Nineteen-Eighty-Four
o    Lord of the Flies
•    Students will assess their novel in terms of utopian literature, characterization, theme, and historic context
•    Read Shane as a class and discuss in relation to the historic themes in social studies
•    Individually, students will read one of the following and write a report examining elements of plot, character, setting, and theme:
o    Riders of the Purple Sage
o    O' Pioneers
o    Ox-Bow Incident

Communication Skills
Writing, Listening, Speaking
Students will:
•    Explore the process of writing narratives
•    Examine ways to refine writing skills: overcoming writer's block, freewriting, outlining
•    Grammar: Parts of speech, parts of sentences, Phrases, Clauses
•    increase vocabulary and the use of context clues, Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes

Algebra 1 (Part II)
Students will:
•    Review concepts and skills covered in Algebra (Part I), which include an introduction to algebra, integers, rational numbers, equations, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, and factoring.
•    Graph linear equations in two variables.
•    Write the equation of a line.
•    Find the equation of a line that models given data.
•    Prove theorems related to scope.

Students will:

•    identify and illustrate points, lines, planes, and angles and use their related postulates and theorems
•    use deductive reasoning and the deductive method in writing geometric proofs
•    apply postulates, theorems, and definitions of lines, planes, angles,and polygons to geometric proofs
•    use concepts of congruence and apply their postulates and theorems to triangle proofs

Students will:
•    identify cellular structures and processes
•    identify cellular growth and repair
•    describe biological energy cycles, production and reaction
•    identify biochemical aspects of biological systems
•    identify DNA and its function
•    complete introduction to biochemistry
•    constantly use scientific method and processes

 State Goals 12:  Understand the fundamental concepts, principles and interconnections of the life, physical and earth/space sciences.

Social Studies
Students will:
•    Analyze the branches of social studies
•    Examine philosophy as the basis for government and influences on American thought
•    Explore the Constitution, Declaration of Independence as documents.
•    History of the political parties, understand liberalism and conservatism and their applications in contemporary America
•    Examine the Civil War - its causes and consequences
•    Analyze documentary and constitutional history related to the Civil War
•    Examine Reconstruction: Compare and contrast Reconstruction plans, congressional leadership, etc
•    Westward Expansion: Geography, settlement, the role of the west in American culture, documents related to expansion, indigenous people.

Students will:
In modern languages, the ultimate goal is to attain the ability and confidence necessary to interact with fluency in oral and written contexts with native speakers.  (Illinois Sate Goal 28).  Knowledge of a foreign language relies on communication, culture, and context.  The term context here applies to the situations in which students will use the target language.  (Illinois State Goal 30).  The first ten weeks of school will emphasize verbal production over written exercises.  Assessments will be multi-faceted:  oral presentation of a skit (customs at the airport); oral presentation of a team project; oral and written expressions de classe, and written tests on verbs être, avoir, and aller; plan a trip from one French city to another analyzing travel times/length/cost of air vs. auto vs. rail and a power point presentation of 7 day forecast in France or other French speaking country.  Active class participation is part of the grading.  In doing so, the following State Goals will be addressed:
28.A.3a  Comprehend main messages of simple oral and audio presentations with
               assistance from resources (e.g., glossaries, guided questions, outlines).
28.A.5    Comprehend a variety of oral and audio presentations in academic, technical,
               social or work environments.
29.D.5    Analyze different perspectives of historical events using a variety of media and
               technology tools.
30.A.1c   Use target language vocabulary to identify simple science terms referring to
                weather and nature (e.g., clouds, winds, trees and common animals).
30.A.4b  Use the target language to analyze and solve math problems based on
               timetables, schedules, charts and graphs in the target language.
30.A.4c   Use the target language to analyze the impact of human activity on the natural
                environment in areas where the target language is spoken.

•    Study/revision of the verbs être, avoir, aller concluding with a written assessment.
•    Performance of a series of 1o dialogues to also include 2 power point presentations with the goal on allowing the students to express their interests in French and explore societal and economical dilemmas of our “global village”.
•    A system of homework with cassettes and involving taping at home with the ultimate goal of students doing the homework on the net including recording their voices in French for the teacher to check.
•    Team project: oral presentation of the differences and/or similarities of the French election process vs. American.
•    Internet research to plan a trip from one part of France to another.  Students will be gathering data on times/length of travel/cost for the two travel destinations either by using air, automobile or rail as the means of transportation.
•    Powerpoint presentation of a 7 day forecast for a city or region in France of a French speaking country with an explanation of the weather done in French.
•    Research project involving a look at France’s environment then vs. now and the impact that humans have had.

Fine Arts
Students will:
•    Study the art of the 19th Century, including the art of the United States and Europe.
•    Create artwork in the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist style
•    Visit the Art Institute's Impressionist Collection
•    Participate in advanced theater games
•    Study the development of music during the 19th Century

Learning Resource Center
Computer/Library Skills
Students will:
•    Discuss the novel The Outsiders with an emphasis on the author’s use of plot, characterization, and setting
•    Compare and contrast events in the story with current realities
•    Relate the lives led by characters in the book with those led in contemporary society

Physical Education
Students will:
•    Demonstrate mechanically correct movement during activities, games, or sports.
•    Apply safe practices, rules, and procedures in all physical activity settings.
•    Describe the limitations and benefits of various fitness-training programs.
•    Utilize fitness center
•    Analyze the effectiveness of a variety of skills based on the application of biomechanical principles and mechanically correct form.
•    Circuit tainting
•    President Fitness Test
•    Push ups, sit ups

State Goal 19 Acquire movement skills and understand concept needed to engage in health –enhancing physical activities

State Goal 20 Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical based upon continual self-assessment.

Students will:
•    Analyze the effects of drug use, misuse, and abuse on health status
•    Explain the effects of alcohol on the body
•    Practice using refusal strategies
•    Explain the effects of inhalants upon the brain and other body systems.
•    Describe health consequences of steroid use.

State Goal 23 Understand human body systems and factors that influence growth and development.

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