ERGC Ten Week Plans

Per the Announcement by Principal Gray at the September 9 2008 LSC Meeting, the ten week curricular plans are linked below:

Kindergarten Ten Week plan
First Grade Ten Week plan
Second Grade Ten Week plan
Third Grade Ten Week plan
Fourth Grade Ten Week plan
Fifth Grade Ten Week plan
Sixth Grade Ten Week plan
Seventh Grade Ten Week plan
Eighth Grade Ten Week plan

Each ten week plan has a PDF attached at the bottom of the page.

This web publishing service will move to the new Edison Gifted Web Site when it goes live.

Special thanks to all involved for this initiative in GREEN distribution of curricular material.
Mrs. Gail Smith co-ordinated and compiled the Teacher input.
LSC Member and Curricular Communication Chair Kathleen Lally co-ordinated between LSC and ERGC administration to make this happen.

A form for requesting hard copy distribution from the Administration will be included in the Friday folder.
If you are aware of anyone in the Edison Gifted community that does not have internet access and may need help requesting hard copy versions of these files please alert Edison Administration, any LSC member, or email :