Congratulations to Mrs. Cindy Levin

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, November 18, 2008

CHICAGO - Edison Regional Gifted Center is pleased to announce it will
receive grant funding for a program of anti-bullying activities.  The recipient of
the grant is Edison Gifted third grade teacher Cindy Levin. The
program is called "Take A Stand--No More Bullies!" Through the hands-on use
of puppets as a vehicle for role-playing, students will recognize bullying
as an aggressive and intentional behavior. Ventriloquism will be used to
capture the attention of the children. Students will learn to use peer
pressure and other coping mechanisms to defeat bullying. The funding is a
Teacher Incentive Grant from the Oppenheimer Family Foundation.

The grant proposal was written by Edison teacher Cindy Levin, with
assistance from Edison Gifted parents Glenn Krell, Kim Early, and Rachel
Wallach.  Krell is chair of the Edison Gifted LSC Bullying Prevention Advisory
Subcommittee of Edison's Local School Council Safety and
Security Committee.  "The research shows that all schools have bullying to
some degree--even good ones," said Krell.  "We hope this grant funding will
help us empower students to take a stand and use peer pressure to help
defeat bullying." The program is based on research showing puppetry to be a
powerful, hands-on learning tool, and on a federal program, "Take a Stand,
Lend a Hand, Stop Bullying Now!" developed by the Health Resources and Services
Administration of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

# # #

Mr. Mark Papadogiannis, Edison Gifted French language teacher and head of the
LSC Curricular & SIPPA committee has asked for LSC coordination to help organize
parents around grant writing opportunities to support Edison Gifted teachers.
We are looking to organize small groups of parents to assist and coordinate in
this activity with the ongoing PTO efforts where appropriate.

Please use the comment function at the bottom of the page below to indicate your
willingess to participate, or send an email to any LSC member.