August 6 2008 Communication Committee Meeting


The first meeting of the Edison Gifted LSC communication, technology and public relations committee will meet on Wednesday, August 6, 2008, 6:30 PM. The meeting will take place at the Edgebrook Public Library located at 5331 West Devon Avenue.

This is your first chance to help improve communications at our school.

Why should you come? If you are interested in helping shape the LSC policies, recommendations and support of the school in the areas charged to this committee. Anyone interested in working on another committee that would like to be responsible for delivering the information to the LSC website. Anyone interested in updating and maintaining the electronic LSC website calendar. Anyone interested in the creation and distribution of LSC generated public relations for Edison Gifted. Anyone interested in the liason roles between the future Official Edison Gifted School web site and the PTO electronic and traditional communication methods.

The first floor conference room of the Edgebrook library has publicly accessible wifi. The meeting will be from 6:30 to 8:00 PM and will begin with a training session for working on the LSC website with Google apps, docs, sites and calendar to show those interested how easy working on the website can be. There will be a demonstration of the structure and tools, and anyone who wants to bring their own laptop will be able to work on the site directly at the meeting.

The second part of the meeting will be structural to define groups and tasks related to each of the three areas of the committee, hear ideas and concerns and develop immediate plans for bringing coherent communication to the Edison Gifted community.

Need directions?
Check out the calendar for AUGUST 6. A link to the location in google maps is attached to the meeting announcement.



The Communication, Technology and Public Relations

EDISON GIFTED LOCAL School Council committee met on:                                   
 August 6, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.
                  (Date)                                                    (Time)
The meeting was held at       Edgebrook Public Library                        .

LOCAL School Council Members present:
    Harlan Wallach, Mike Early


COMMITTEE Members present:
    Kim Early                                 


The meeting was held in the first floor meeting room of the Edgebrook library because it has wifi access.  Mr. Wallach discussed the organization and structure of the committee.  Mr. Wallach set up 2 laptop computers and gave the attendees a tour of the new LSC website and technology options associated with using Google docs as a web collaborative space.  He explained that he choose Google for the website because it is very dependable, offers several useful applications, and charges a fee of only $10 per year.  He explained how the calendar and Google Docs applications work.  We discussed the need to add some graphics to the website start page.

We discussed different paths of communication:

1.    Communication to the school community from the LSC will take several different forms.  The LSC will continue to use traditional paper notes and posters.  The LSC will also communicate electronically through the new LSC website and through an LSC email list.  Mr. Wallach has been in contact with Michael Stowe for help with the LSC email list.

2.    Communication to the LSC from Edison Gifted parents will also take several different forms.  Parents will be encouraged to come to LSC meetings and participate in open forums and to attend and participate in LSC committee meetings.  Parents who do not wish to speak in the open forum and/or who cannot attend the meetings may contact LSC representatives by phone or email to express their concerns.  The committee members agreed that an anonymous forum would not be recommended and the Edisonrelated listserve is not a forum for parents to bring issues before the LSC. A proper electronic system for fielding communication from the parents to the LSC will be discussed at the next communication committee meeting to evaluate and recommend directions in this area to the LSC be useful for both organizations to use the same online calendar and email list.

3.    Mechanisms for communications between the LSC and PTO need to be established.  It may be useful for both organizations to use the same online calendar and email list.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.  After it was adjourned, Mr. Wallach learned that 5 parents had come to the Edgewater Library for the meeting, but were taken to the wrong conference room by library personnel.  Therefore, the next meeting of this committee wil occur Wednesday Sept 3.  These 5 parents were:  Ellen Gordon, DeAnne Glomski, Michael Stowe, Kathleen Lally, and Mike Rigsby. This does speak to the desire to use the Edison Gifted facilities for future evening meetings of the this committee, and hopefully this can be arranged in concert with the school administration.

Recommendations ( by Committee Chair H.Wallach ):

Future meeting plans and discussion:

The communication, technology and PR committee is not an end in itself. The activities of this LSC committee are designed to facilitate LSC communication around the LSC activities. Ideally one member of each LSC committee also sits on the communication committee so that meetings announcements, agendas, meeting notes and recommendations can be consolidated in one on-line location for tracking and informational purposes about LSC goals.

I am asking that the following recommendations be the central point of the agenda for the September 3 Communication committee meeting and a finalized motion coming out of those discussions be put forth for a vote from the LSC at the September LSC meeting. The motion put to vote at that time will be:

1)    The School Administration needs to develop an Edison Regional Gifted website.
2)    The productive activities, details, and work plan towards this goal of developing a website are publicly known and reported by the administration.
3)    A timeline for developing the content.
4)    A timeline for conforming and placing the content online
5)    A hard launch date.
6)    Contingency plans to meet the hard launch date deadline when production milestones are not met.
7)    It is recommended that the ERGC administration participate in this aspect of the LSC communication committee so that it can avail itself of the substantial resources and knowledge base in the LSC Communications, Technology and PR committee.

Minutes prepared by K. EARLY
Revised by H.Wallach

Harlan Wallach Wallach,
Aug 25, 2008, 7:59 PM
Harlan Wallach Wallach,
Jul 20, 2008, 8:40 PM