Welcome Notice

The Local School Council of the

Edison Regional Gifted Center


The Local School Council (“LSC”) is where you have a voice about decisions regarding our school.  Please attend the LSC meetings as well as LSC committee meetings and become an active member of our school. 

The LSC is the unit of educational governance empowered to make important budgetary, educational, and administrative decisions regarding our school.  The Illinois legislature has given LSCs the primary responsibility for school governance and improvement under the School Reform Act.  The LSC comprises our principal, two teachers, plus elected representatives of the parents and community.  Contact any member of the LSC to learn more.  

Current LSC Members:

 Ben Whitford (Chair) Parent Representative ben.whitford.lsc@gmail.com
 Ernesto Perez (Secretary) Parent Representative eperez.ergc.lsc@gmail.com
 Bradley Katz Parent Representative bakatz.ergc.lsc@gmail.com
 James Magas Parent Representative magas.ergc.lsc@gmail.com
 Sheila Quirke Parent Representative quirke.ergc.lsc@gmail.com
 Michelle Sevig Parent Representative mamma2poa@gmail.com
 Karen Valentine Principal kevalentine1@cps.edu
 David Barber Teacher Representative djbarber@cps.edu
 Daneal Silvers Teacher Representative drsilvers@cps.edu
 Carolyn Gourash Community Representative cgourash@hotmail.com
 Jill Martensen Community Representative jillmartensen@comcast.net
 (vacant) Non-teaching Staff Representative

LSC Meeting Dates

Local School Council Standing Committees:

The Communications Committee
works to provide effective communication with the school community.

The Technology Committee 
works to help develop the school’s use of technology.

The CIWP & Academic Enhancements Committee
aids in the development and review of the Continuous Improvement Work Plan (“CIWP”) and helps make recommendations on academic enhancements for our students.

The Budget Committee helps
fulfill the LSC's duties regarding our school budget and works with the administration on funding issues related to our school budget.

The Outreach & Advocacy Committee
works on outreach and advocacy concerning public issues that could affect funding for the school, to foster good relationships with our community and to bring positive attention to our school by publicizing the school’s and our students’ accomplishments.

The Professionals Personnel Leadership Committee
("PPLC") is for teachers and staff.