September 10, 2012 Technology Committee Meeting

Edison Regional Gifted Center LSC Technology Committee meeting notes


Date and Time of the Meeting:  Sept. 10, 2012 at 6pm-8pm

Location of Meeting: McNamara’s at 4328 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago, IL


Technology Committee Chairs: John Nicewick and Kristin Gross (note taker)

Local School Council Members present: Kristin Gross, Donna Oberhardt, and Harlan Wallach

Committee Members present:  John Nicewick, Tim Dwyer, Randy Bosak, Troy Hower, Kristie Hansen



It is our goal as a committee that we can work with a Technology Lead (one of the teachers TBD) and the Administration of Edison RGC to help set the Technology strategy and namely bring more Technology to the Edison RGC.  Once there is a technology budget, we would help make recommendations for allocating a budget on hardware, software, maintenance of current technology and training for teachers and administration at Edison RGC.  As a long term goal we would like to help bring technology to the classroom.  The short term goal is to get some new computers by Thanksgiving.  The budget is not yet determined, but Kristie Hansen will discuss this with the PTO and get a budget number to Mrs. Oberhardt after Sept. 20. 

Here are the summary points from the meeting:

1)     The ~70 computers in the computer lab and LRC are 9 years old and need to be replaced.

2)     There are 36 Computers (PCs) needed for the computer lab.

3)     There are 5 iMacs needed for Art Room.

4)     There are 35 computers needed in the LRC, only 10 working now that are Macs with the remaining 25 not working now.  These computers were donated by a group of parents who are all have graduated from Edison RGC.

5)     We have 15 new PCs and 20 new computers with no monitors so can be used for class room use only.

6)     Discussion on Thin Clients – got a proposal for 35 computers for $16K perhaps trial out.  For a total of $7- $10K?

7)     What multi-media is required for these computers?  STEM?  If more is required then a PC would be needed.

8)     CPS website offers Dells for approximately $898.  There is a deal starting November where these computers will be rebated up to $250 off.

9)     There is a possibility of a payment plan $15K for 3 years and then the school owns the computers.

10) The common platform of Google Presenter is a benefit so students could work at home, the computer lab, coffee shop and therefore there will not be a compatibility issue with the school computers and the many versions of Powerpoint. 

11) Is there Google Basic training for the teachers?  Google Advanced?  Can we get a link?

12) Does Insight – a software to block anyone from changing the operating system come with the computers?

13) Homework will be posted by teachers on Google site soon?

14) Ms. Hilliard’s room could use 8-10 computers and committee believed a good solution would be the multi-point solution.

15) Mr. P’s room also could use 8-10 computers and committee believed a good solution would be the multi-point solution.

16) Additionally it would be nice if every classroom could have 4 computers for the kids to use during intervention period.  Special Ed could also use 4 computers (PC’s) for a total of 40 computers needed for the classrooms. (Most class rooms use 2 computers now, one for the teacher and one to power the star board.)  We can use some of the 35 new computers for the classroom computers.

17) Additionally it would be nice to have 17 laptops for all of the teachers.  They would be able to take it home to answer e-mails from parents.

18) Additionally it would be nice to have some larger mice for Kindergarteners with one large button for testing purposes.

19) Additionally it would be nice to have an Elmo (a camera) for Ms. Hilliard.

20) Additionally it would be nice to have 5 extra wands for Star boards.  (Most classrooms use Star boards there are still three teachers who do not use them in the classroom.)

21) Additionally it would be nice to have 17 new printer/scanners.  Color may not be needed, the color printer cartridges are very expensive! 

22) Mr. Choi has “chops” and is nominated by Mrs. Oberhardt as the Technology Lead for Edison RGC.


Action Items:

23)  Troy H. to check with CDW and HP on share point solutions.  He will initiate a trial to see if it is a good solution for Edison RGC.

24) Amy J. to do a first pass “need to have” and “wish list” with all Edison teachers.

25) Amy J. and Mr. Choi to evaluate what is the cost to pay for 35 Dell PC’s with the rebate in Nov. vs. a payment plan.

26) Amy J. and Mr. Choi to evaluate out of the 35 new computers which ones could be used for the classrooms.

27) Kristin G. to check for Harlan: Is CPS paying Google or is Google paying CPS?  What is the relationship?  Any additional programs for K-12? 

28) Amy J. to follow up on $75 per printer deal.

29) Mrs. Oberhardt and Amy J. to set the priorities to all of the technology needs.

30) Kristie to let Donna know what the Technology budget is for this year on Sept. 20.  There was discussion on what we have now and what additional fundraising could be added for this year.  (We think Legacy raised $30K last year and Trackathon could possibly raise $8-$25K in Oct.  It takes $20-$58K to “run” the school for copies, paper, teacher’s needs, etc.)  These numbers will be firmed up by PTO on Sept. 20.

31) Tim D. could update the calendar on the website. 

32) Mr. Choi to work on improving the website or perhaps even evaluating a low cost company to outsource the web site (with the administration given the ability to make the updates to the website).

33) Mr. Choi to think about an overall Technology strategy for Edison RGC.

34) Mr. Oberhardt to discuss the option of splitting the cost of the 35 PC’s with Albany Park Middle School for LRC as it is a shared space. 

35) Kristin G. to propose an Oct. time, date and location for the next meeting. 


Main Conclusion: Depending on the budget, we agreed that we could recommend that Edison RGC purchases 35 Dell computers for the LRC and 35 thin clients for the computer lab by the end of Nov.