November 6, 2012 Outreach and Advocacy Commitee Meeting

Edison Regional Gifted Center

Local School Council-Outreach & Advocacy Committee

Planning Meeting in Mrs. Oberhardt’s Office

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

10:00 a.m.



1.      Call to Order

2.     Roll Call

3.     Approval of October minutes

4.     Food Waste Reduction Plan update

5.     Shoebox Project

a.      Timeline

b.     Volunteers

c.      Wrapping paper donation

d.     Advertising

6.     Allergy  Committee

7.      Kids ID System-Fit under this committee?

8.     Peterson Garden Project

9.     Alumni College Banners

10.  Bulb Planting update

11.   Heartland Health Center

12.   Albany Park Clean up- In the Spring?

13.   Northwestern Center for Talent Development

14.   Magnet School Fair

15.   Schedule next meeting

16.   Open Forum

17.   Adjourn