September 26, 2012 CIWP Committee Meeting

CIWP meeting Wed. 9/26/12 8:30 AM at ERGC. Questions? email Maryrose Pavkovic -

CIWP Committee Meeting

                                                         Edison Regional Gifted Center




Meeting started at 8:34 AM.


1.     Discussed the school’s new calendar:  Since the Chicago Board of Education has not sent out the new calendar, we were unsure of how many professional development days the teachers will have in the 2012-2013 calendar year.  This would impact ERGC’s CIWP, because part of the CIWP’s Evidence section states the many of the goals would be developed and improved during teacher professional development days.  Some Professional development day discussions will be the NWEA and MAPS testing, technology update, teachers’ new evaluation policy – performance task assessments, wellness and health, and curriculum mapping.


We looked at ERGC’s schedule, and spoke about common prep times that would allow teachers to meet.  This has provided time for teachers to develop cross-curricular themes.  There has been curriculum mapping, where themes have been delineated from the Social Studies’ topics.  The first quarter theme is “Growth”.  The administration and teachers are still looking into other themes for the rest of the year.  The Area has introduced unit themes and has their own quarterly themes that ERGC may replicate.


2.     Another possible change in the CIWP is the Special Ed teacher’s plans and goals.  Since ERGC has a new Special Ed teacher, many of the improvements stated in the CIWP do not apply.  Ms. Jeffers will speak to Ms. Doyle about her plans and goals and come back to discuss the changes needed in the CIWP.


3.     CIWP changes throughout the year.  The document initially establishes the school’s goals for the next two years this document is valid.  When the committee meets next we will change some of the wording in the Action Plan to reflect the changes mentioned above, and discuss the Monitoring section of the plan.  The LSC needs to decide if the changes in the Action Plan need to be approved by the board, and if any of the data written within the Monitoring section needs to be approved.


4.     Next CIWP meeting on Oct. 30, 2012 at 8:30am.


5.     Meeting adjourned at 9:25am.

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