February 7 2012

Edison Regional Gifted Center Local School Council Meeting

Thomas A. Edison Regional Gifted Center

4929 North Sawyer, Chicago, IL

Tuesday February 7 2012

6:30 p.m.

Please join us on Tuesday February 7 2012 for our next Local School Council.

LSC Meeting Agenda  - February 7,2012

Edison Regional Gifted Center Local School Council Meeting

Thomas A. Edison Regional Gifted Center, 4929 North Sawyer, Chicago, IL

1.         Call to Order

2.         Roll Call

3.         Approval of Agenda

4.         Motion to move SGSA funds  -

request from Principal Gray

5.         Discussion – Resolution of the CPS Space Utilization Report

report from Principal Gray

6.         Discussion - STATUS of the of the ERGC CPS Longer Day proposal development –

report from Principal Gray

7.         Discussion -  Edison Regional Gifted center Dress Code

Discussion led by Parent Rep Holly Gallegos

8.         Reports:

            a.         Principal

            b          Report on LRE 

            c.         Transportation

d.         Professionals Personnel Leadership Committee ("PPLC")

            e.         Communications & Technology Committee

            f.          SIPAAA & Academic Enhancements Committee

            g.         Budget Committee  

            h.         PTO committee

i.          Outreach & Advocacy Committee  

9.         Open Forum

10.       Announce date of next meeting

11. Move to go into executive session:

Staffing Changes at Edison Regional Gifted Center - report from Principal Gray

Move to adjourn executive session

12. Move to go into executive session:

Principal Evaluation Process and other related topics – LSC CHAIR Harlan Wallach

Move to adjourn executive session

13.       Adjourn




Letter from the Chair of the Local School Council – Harlan Wallach

January 20 2012


Happy New Year to all of the Edison Regional Gifted Center community. It is hard to believe that we are already one month into the new year and our children are already approaching the end of the second quarter. 

As we have seen in the summer and the fall of 2011, changes being imposed on the school will continue to be a major factor for the Edison Regional Gifted  Center . CPS has announced that next year the school day will be 7.5 hours. Changes in the length of the school year may also be announced in the coming months. The Local School Council will be working closely with the parents, administration and teachers to help develop the best way to implement the longer school day.

The longer school day presents some distinct challenges for a high performing school such as Edison. The longer day, when added to the time our students spend on the bus, will decrease the amount of time our children will have for homework, extra-curricular activities, and family time. With no additional resources coming from 125 South Clark, the longer day has the potential of actually narrowing the education and enrichment opportunities for our students. I’m confident that the administration, teachers, and parent committee members will work with the available resources and parameters to generate the best possible solutions for our student population.  Parents with concerns about the longer day schedule are invited to attend our next LSC meeting.

There are two other changes that are worth mentioning here. The first is that our new O’Hare network chief, Isabel Mesa-Collins, has staffed her open deputy chief position with Anna Alverado, who currently is the principal at Hawthorne Elementary. The second interesting change for us at Edison is that the new ward map boundaries have moved us from Margaret Laurino’s 39th ward to Richard Mell’s 33th ward. Our school has reached out to cultivate a relationship with Alderman Laurino in the past, and as a community it will be helpful to reach out to our new representative on the city council.

Lastly this is the final year of the two-year term of the Edison Regional Gifted Center Local School Council members, and we will need to hold elections this spring for all of the positions on the council. All of the parent and community representative positions are up for election. The elections will be the same day as the April report card pickup on April 18, 2012. Pease consider running for one of the parent positions on the LSC. There will be a candidate’s forum at the  ERGC LSC meeting on April 10, 2012. All parents are invited to this meeting where the candidates have the opportunity to present their statements.

The necessary information and documents needed for candidates can be found online at :



If you have any questions about this, or any school related issue, please get in touch with myself, or any LSC member.


Thank you,

Harlan Wallach

Chairman of the Local School Council for the Edison Regional Gifted Center

Maryrose P,
Apr 10, 2012, 5:07 AM