Amy Kozy

My contact with Edison has been mostly limited to living in the neighborhood and knowing the excellent reputation of the school; however, I believe strongly in the individual’s responsibility to their community, and the recent (and, apparently, quite successful) campaign to get more people involved in local school councils was not lost on me.

In a former professional life, I worked in various areas of communications. Now I am a substitute teacher for several charter schools in the city, and still sometimes do freelance business communications work. Some of the local organizations with which I have volunteered my time in the last 10 years or so include The Old Town School of Folk Music, The Glass Slipper Project, Chicago Area Mensa, the USO of Illinois, and, recently, The Peterson Garden Project. The time I’ve spent with those and other groups was useful to them, but also gave me a breadth of experience which I hope will be useful to Edison’s LSC.